10 July 2018 / Birre&Co. 101

Locate your favorite beer stores

Feature of the week

This week we feature the localization tool


With the Birre&Co. mobile app, you’ll be able to locate the stores that have the most Micro beers. You will be able to discover not only the retailers with the most microbrewery beers, but also with the most of:

  • Imported beers
  • Non-alcoholic beers
  • Malts
  • Cider
  • Organic beers
  • Etc …

To use this tool you must:

  • Download the Birre&Co. mobile app 📲
  • Go to the localization tool 
  • Clic on “Store Search”
  • Apply filters of your choice

Down the app now!

Birre&Co. for iOS or Birre&Co. for Android


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