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Perfect Food Pairing for Thanksgiving

On the occasion of Thanksgiving, which will take place in a few days, we thought we could give you some suggestions for food and beer pairings… but not just any pairings! No other than Mirella Amato, the Master beer sommelier, teamed up with us in order to find extraordinary beer and food pairings. It shall surprise your taste buds on a whole other level (ok, ok, she did most of the work, but we still had the original idea of the turkey 🦃!).

We are offering you two delicious menus that will charm your family and friends.

Menu #1: “Treating myself” theme

We are suggesting an appetizer, a main course and a decadent dessert inspired by Ricardo. The type of meal that makes everyone want to take home a doggy bag.


Appetizer: Squash cream soup


Beer pairing suggestion  

Style: Kolsch ou Golden Lager

Description: The beer has light flavors that won’t hide the delicate notes of the soup. It has hints of cereals similar to the famous crackers that are often eaten with soup.

Meal and sides: Roasted turkey and herb chorizo with beets and green beans with bacon

Description: The beer has hints of pepper and spice that go well with mustard sauce, chorizo and bacon. It also has fruity notes that complement the turkey (as well as cranberries).

Dessert : Pumpkin cake


Beer pairing suggestion

Style: Barleywine
Description: The beer is rich and has a caramel side that goes well with the spices in the cake. It is also strong in alcohol, which helps cut the richness of the cream cheese frosting.

Menu #2: “Healthy but delicious” theme

Are you looking for a healty-but-not-boring menu without compromising on the taste? Here is a menu inspired by healthy recipes that are allergen-free by K for Katrine .

Appetizer: Butternut squash soup

Main dish and sides: Turkey with herbs and apple cider accompanied by a green bean salad and rosemary crushed potatoes.

Beer pairing suggestion

Style: ESB / Bitter
Description: The beer is complex but relatively light. It has roasted flavors that complement the turkey as well as herbaceous notes that complement the soup, herbal butter on turkey and rosemary on potatoes.

Dessert: Healthy pumpkin cake (this cake is simply divine!)


Beer pairing suggestion

Style: Oatmeal Stout
Description: This beer is light but round on the palate. It has notes of coffee that are perfect for a cake and notes of dark chocolate that blend perfectly with the touch of maple syrup.


In conclusion, we would like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving full of memorable and great time with your loved ones! If you like discovering new beers with our suggestions, don’t forget to like them in the app to get exclusive offers!

Cheers 🍻

The Birre & Co. Squad


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