Write as soon as possible to "" to report the error. If the request has not yet been processed, we will be happy to make the necessary changes! If the request has already been processed (package sent / Interac transfer transferred) we will respond to you with the possible solutions. Note that there is a charge of $ 8 to change information related to an Interac e-transfer. There may also be a charge for redirecting a package that has already been shipped.
  1. Go to your profile
  2. Click on "update my information"
  3. Change your personal information
  4. Click on "update account"
If you want to get to your personal Birre&Co. account,  just tap the icon of the person in the bottom right corner of the app and you will be able to view: 
  • Your Birre&Co. earnings
  • Your account profile details
  • Your receipt status
  • Your submitted receipts and payment history
  • Your beerlog
*It’s also in your account that you will be able to cash out.


Yes! Some offers may be claimed more than once. You only have to press the offer to find out how many times it can be claimed.


Financial institutions charge administrative fees related to money transfers, and money transfers always require human intervention (meaning a lot more work for us!)! We therefore ask users to pay these fees when choosing an e-transfer to redeem their points. Here are the rates for Interac e-transfers: $ 20 - 2500 points ($ 5 fee). $ 50 - 5250 points ($ 2.50 fee). $ 100 - 10000 points (no charge).
Birre & Co is always trying to expand and we are happy to welcome new certified merchants every week! If you want to get points at your favourite beer store, you can ask them directly. Explain to them what the app is all about and invite a representative of the store to contact us by email at or via our social networks. Because our best ambassadors are our loyal users!
Absolutely! If your electronic receipt if from a certified Birre & Co merchant and contains ALL the required information, you can always submit it! You can take a screenshot (or multiple if needed, so that all the information is visible) and insert it as a photo in the proper section of the request.
You will receive an email explaining why your points were not accepted. The most common reasons for rejecting a request are:
  • Failure to comply with the chosen offer.
  • Lack of supporting documents (photo of proof of purchase that does not meet the criteria).
  • A delay of more than 7 days following your purchase when submitting an invoice.
  • Lack of supporting documentation (you receipt is missing an important information) - ALWAYS submit a complete photo of your receipt. If some of the required information is missing or incomplete, we will automatically refuse the request. If you believe that the rejection of your request is not enough justified and you have evidence to prove it, please email it to us at explaining the situation in detail.
When you redeem a reward, you will be prompted to fill out a form with your mailing address. We’ll send your reward to that address.
  • It takes us about 2 business days to process.
No, you can let your account balance grow to any account above 2 000 pts (20$) before cashing out. It’s completely up to you.
When you cash out, your entire balance gets cashed out. Unfortunately, you cannot cash out only part of your balance.
Once your account balance reaches 2 000 pts (20$), you become eligible to exchange your cash back for an equivalent amount of money. Simply go to the redeem page in your app and click on interac E-transfer.
Go to the Redeem page and click on on Interac E-transfert.  *Note : you must have accumulated minimum 2 000 pts (20$) before claiming your balance.
This is how you can claim an offer:
  1. Go to the offer that you want to claim
  2. Click on the red button “REDEEM NOW”
  3. Take a picture of your itemized receipt (It’s important to capture your whole receipt from top to bottom, we need to be able to clearly identify the product you’re claiming on the receipt thanks to clearly legible things like UPC codes, brand names, the product’s exact name or an easily decipherable code)
  4. Your request will be waiting for approval for a maximum of 48 hours.
You can claim your offers with any machine-printed and clearly legible receipt indicating which products have been purchased. Please remember NOT to submit your credit card receipt, we need the detailed store receipt to validate your claims.
Go to the first page of the app and click on the picture of the product. The details of the offer will appear. On this page, you will be able to check at the following information:
  • The size of the product you have to buy
  • The limit of the offer
  • The validity
You should always check those informations before buying your product.
It is impossible to save an offer, but you can add it to your "cart" by claiming it and it will remain there until it expires.
Once in the app, just tap the location icon in the bottom center of the app and write in the search bar the name of the product you are looking for. Then, you will find out at which retailers you can buy it.
  1. Check out offers available in your area and buy a beverage at any store, bar, or restaurant.
  2. Save the offer with the “bookmark” tool or click on “REDEEM NOW”
  3. Next, use the Birre & Co. App to snap a picture of your entire itemized receipt, from top to bottom.
  4. Submit receipt and get paid within 48 hours!
  5. It’s that simple!
Birre & Co. is the ultimate mobile app offering rewards and loyalty programmes for beer lovers. It's the first of its kind to use precise algorithms to seamlessly match users to products, with a fully personalized profile. Use Birre & Co., your mobile beer advisor, to shop for new brews that suit your tastes. Discover, enjoy and earn rewards!     Birre & Co. encourages consumers to enjoy new products while drinking responsibly.


Once you have submitted an invoice, you should allow 2 to 12 days to receive the confirmation email. Please note that you will receive an email at the email address you created for your account informing you whether your points were accepted or not. The delay could be extended depending on the volume of invoices we are receiving. Don’t worry, all requests will be proceeded - you just got to be patient and let us take care of the rest!
  • A receipt can only be used with one offer at a time, however you can redeem multiple offers with a single receipt.
  • You can only earn cash back for the exact product listed on the offer. Please read the offer details carefully. No exceptions!
  • Offers are available in limited quantities, while supplies last. Please check the app before shopping to ensure that an offer is still available.
  • Upload the receipt immediately after purchase to secure a successful submission.
  • Receipt photos must be clear and readable.
  • Only itimized
  • An offer cannot be combined with any other offers available on Birre & Co.


With iOS :
  1. Go on your phone « settings »
  2. Click on « notifications »
  3. Allow Birre & Co notifications
With Android :
  1. Go on your phone « settings »
  2. Allow Birre & Co notifications
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